Nightwing movie! YES!!!!

Here’s the scoop from THR!!!

A live action Nightwing film from the director of The Lego Batman Movie no less!

I had previously suggested this as a TV show for the DC/CW universe but I’d take a big budget DCEU film any day of the week!

This answers a question about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of JusticeIf Grayson is out there operating as Nightwing then it must be Jason Todd’s costume on display at the batcave!

This is GREAT news! I’m a HUGE fan of this character. So here’s the big question – who do we like for Nightwing?

With Ben Affleck officially welcoming Matt Reeves as director of the Batman film on twitter and THIS news… I think things are looking up for the DCEU!!!

For the Nightwing novices out there? Start with this.

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