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The New 52! – Part 2

So – here’s the next part of my look back at The New 52! I’ve noticed that in the second volumes the quality really varies. Sometimes it absolutely shines – sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know how fondly it will all be looked back on in years to come. It’s an event that really divided comic book fans. I still think there was a lot of interesting stuff though. I hope y’all enjoying this look back!

So. Let’s get into this…

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DC Universe Rebirth – Part 1

On May 25 2016, DC comics changed forever with the publication of the DC Universe Rebirth Special # 1 one shot. Spearheaded by Geoff Johns the event was intended to essentially merge New 52 continuity with the continuity that preceded it.

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Ben Affleck No Longer Directing His Solo Batman Film

According to THR

Hmm. Must say I’m a little bit disappointed. I like Affleck as a director  – and I loved him in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

I really believed a Batman adventure with him both behind the camera and in front could’ve really been something special.

Oh well. He’s still writing, producing and starring as The Caped Crusader. So his expertise as a filmmaker will still inform the project.

Question is now – who’s going to direct? I’m thinking of Dennis Villeneuve. Could also be a good time for Justin Lin to step in?

This is a blow – but I’m still really looking forward to the film.

You guys got any suggestions?