Baby Driver – Review

Baby is the best getaway driver in the business. Suffering from tinnitus, he needs constant music pumping through his ears to work his magic behind the wheel. He does jobs for the mysterious gang lord Doc to pay off a debt.

All he wants to do is make sure his foster father is OK, and then run off with his girlfriend Debora. But as the heists get more complicated and his accomplices grow more psychotic – Baby knows his next getaway has to be permanent.

I love Edgar Wright. From his superb sitcom Spaced, his “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy” Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – and the very underrated Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – I’ve always found him a distinctive writer/director with a unique style and voice.

His latest movie Baby Driver is no exception.

The whole movie has a beat. There are next to no scenes that aren’t set to music. The dialogue, the movement – almost everything that goes on in a scene is in time to some kind of music.

It takes a bit of getting used to at first – but give yourself over to it and you’ll have a pretty wild ride.

I’d never heard of Ansel Elgort until I saw this movie – but the kid is a star in the making. Heroic, romantic and full of matinee idol charisma he’s destined to be a star. He holds the movie together and is mesmerising onscreen.

Kevin Spacey is also fantastic as Doc. At turns sinister and compassionate – he’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma – infused with Spacey’s trademark swagger and wit.

The gorgeous Lily James is heartbreaking as Debora, Baby’s beautiful girlfriend.

Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, and and Elza Gonzalez are also fine as Bats, Buddy and Darling – the fucknut crazy robbers who Baby is forced to work with.

Terrific action scenes, superb chases on wheels and on foot – Baby Driver is an absolute blast of action movie fun. Keeps you entertained, keeps you guessing – and keeps you tapping your toes to the great tunes.

One of the better movies I’ve seen in 2017!

The Man Who Saved Movies. 

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  • L.H.Puttgrass

    Confirmation. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

  • The Magic Hunter

    Sweet! I’ll catch a matinee some day this week…

  • The Magic Hunter

    Ok, I saw it yesterday and tomorrow I’ll lay down my thoughts here… and they may get featured…

  • The Magic Hunter

    Ok, in a nutshell: During the First Act, I was game, I was caught up and excited for what everyone involved — but especially Edgar Wright — was throwing up on the screen; During the Second Act, I began to get annoyed with all the characters and worried that this ship was not only not going to take me into uncharted territory, as promised, but had actually been strung up in dry dock this whole time, with salty day-laborers scrubbing old barnacles off her hull; by the Third Act, I was rubbing my eyes and marveling at how quickly the verve and novelty of the opening had turned into something so stale and rote that a B director from the 80s like Mario Van Peebles could have shot the same scenes with at least a little more panache.

    In the beginning, I was like, “Alright! When I go online, I’m going to compare this to those rare films that just go and go and GO, like ‘Run Lola Run’ and ‘Layer Cake.'” But those films have so much more depth, whereas this one (to throw out a Paul Simon reference of my own) felt like a one-trick pony that should have gotten a few more years under its belt, before being trotted out under the big top. Also, all the homages (did Wright give Flea that small role because of the similar one in “Point Break”?!) began to cast this current film in a pale light, since it wasn’t bringing a lot new to the table. “Heat,” “Point Break,” “The Town,” “Run Lola Run,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “True Romance,” check check check checkitty-check.

    I do hope he does another genre pic in the vein of the Corenotto trilogy, though; I love those.

    • Flea wasn’t in Point Break; Anthony Keidis was. He has had a lot of cameos though. Including in Fear & Loathing.

      • The Magic Hunter

        Damn, you’re right!

        • He was in the German Nihilist band Autobahn though.

          • The Magic Hunter

            Ha — Yeah, looking IMDb, it’s amazing how much he’s been in that I’ve seen, from “The Outsiders” to 2 “Back to the Future” movies to “My Own Private Idaho,” the “Psycho” remake, “Inside Out,” and more. I wonder how much he actually auditions, and how much people approach him with a part in mind.

          • Funny story. In 1999 I was watching Red Hot Chili Peppers at Reading Festival. I screamed “Flea! Loved you in Back To The Future!”
            Two guys in front of me thought it was funny and offered to crowd surf me. It didn’t go very well. I got concussion.

          • The Magic Hunter

            Yikes — that sounds like a semi-funny story.

          • I can see the funny side now I suppose.

          • Hold my ?

          • I’d forgotten about this comment. Now I wish I could upvote it again.

          • There was a Charlie Sheen film (Drive?) in which Flea and Anthony played a couple of stoners in a van too. And Henry Rollins was the cop chasing him.

          • Awesome Welles

            I think it was called The Chase. Kristy Swanson was so damn hot in that movie. Well, in everything really.

          • Yes indeed.

          • Awesome Welles

            Didn’t realise this post was 3 months old. Oh well. I stand by my comment.

    • I guess you’re featured!

      • The Magic Hunter

        Wasn’t campaigning for it, but I’ll enjoy my time on stage until the orchestra plays me off!