The 13th Doctor has been announced!

OK guys. I know I’ve never covered Doctor Who before – but I do like it.

Earlier today the 13th Doctor was announced.

The talented actress Jodie Whittaker will officially be the 13th Doctor. She has the historic distinction of being the first female Doctor!

I loved her in Broadchurch.

Of course some are complaining about it on Twitter. People saying that the Doctor is “not a woman”.


Oh well. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

The Man Who Saved Movies. 


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  • for a franchise in which genderswapping is an absolute perfect fit, its a shame they waited until it was so trendy and boring

    • I don’t think it’s a case of that mate, the new showrunner is a guy called Chris Chibnall and she was in a show he did called Broadchurch. I think it’s just a simple case of him wanting someone there he knows and trusts. That’s all!

      • yeah i dont follow it closely, so i can’t really comment on the intricacies of this instance, but there are always execs you have to please and I’m sure that was at least part of it.

  • franks_television

    Hopefully she’ll still have a sexy female sidekick

    • So THAT’S the kind of talkback it’s gonna be!!! ?

    • Sagamanus

      There have been male companions on the show. It’s rare, but it did happen. I watched the original series for about 100 plus episodes, till I realized there were over 1700, and contemplated suicide because of it.

    • Bop

      That’s the spirit.

  • No idea who she is but fair enough. I’m in the camp that thinks all the recent ones are terrible anyway. It’s probably about time the Doctor was female.

  • The Magic Hunter

    Never watched a single who in Whoville, but I am a “Broadchurch” fan (we’ve gotten as far as S3 ep 2 in the US, so no spoilers, mates!) so I support this like a sports bra!

  • franks_television

    Why didn’t they promote Karen Gillan to Dr. Who?

  • MegaDethlok

    People bitching because Dr. Who is a woman? Wait till we find out who will play as the next James Bond? LMMFAO
    I’m kidding about the latter as far as I know, anyways. The Notorious Amy Pascal actually mentioned that Idris would make a great 007. X)
    I have no problems with the Dr. Who casting and for I know, this might bode well in regards to a change of pace and storyline. I for one, don’t see it as pandering but something “refreshing”. That being said, I haven’t watched Dr. Who since the Tom Baker days so its whatever..

    • I would LOVE Idris Elba as Bond! ☺

    • Bop

      Idris Alba NEEDS to be James Bond. He seems perfect for it. And at least I will watch another Bond movie then.

      • MegaDethlok

        I can see it but some wont and that’s their problem.

      • He would nail it.

        • Bop


  • Bop

    I don’t know people why are complaining. She looks nice. And variety is the spice of life.