10 Films From The 80s – Part 1 Of 10: The Blues Brothers (1980)

“Joliet” Jake Blues is released from Prison and picked up by his brother Elwood. Their first visit is to the Mother Superior of the Catholic Orphanage where they grew up.

Unless the Orphanage manages to raise $5,000 – it will be closed down.

When visiting Church – Jake gets a message. A message from Someone Important. He must get his old rhythm and blues band back together to play a comeback gig to raise the funds.

Along their adventure – Jake and Elwood will incur the wrath of the local Police Department, the Illinois Nazis, a psychotic Country and Western band – and Jake’s murderous ex fiance.

The chase is on.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

Peter Parker zips around Queens New York, fighting crime as Spider-Man. He has a fancy hi-tech suit made for him by Tony Stark. Parker wants to join The Avengers and constantly bugs Happy Hogan to brag about his heroic deeds.

When a series of unusual robberies happen around the city – Parker investigates – disobeying Stark’s strict orders not to do so.

Parker’s actions will bring him into conflict with Toomes AKA “The Vulture”. A burgeoning super villain with a few personal issues of his own.

Parker must find a way to combat the threat and explain himself to Stark, his Aunt, his friends and the Principal at his High School.

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The Man Of Legends by Kenneth Johnson – Review

Meet Will.

The Catholic Priest Paul St. Jacques has been assigned by the Vatican to track him down.

The Journalist Jillian Guthrie wants to learn his secrets after finding three impossible photographs of him.

The elderly Ms Hanna Claire claims to have been his lover when she was in her twenties. Since he only appears to be in his early thirties – how can this be possible?

Why is he in New York City at the turn of the millennium?

Will is The Man Of Legends. He has wandered the Earth for centuries and has shaped the course of human history as we know it.

He’s about to face his greatest challenge yet.

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